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Welcome to the Home Improvement page.
Here you will see allot of home improvements that was done to different homes. The old board didn't want any type of improvement that will make the home look better and add value to your home. It only takes one person to choose and look at the whole picture and the future of the neighborhood.
It start with a new color and new ideas. The home should  personalize the home owner. I hope you will enjoy the pictures and see what a great improvement and the look of the neighborhood has come.

Below you will see what three neighbors did to improve the look and keep the land in tack. A great dock over looking the pond. they have work hard and for sure it will add value to
the home.  





Like to show a great walkway.
Here the homeowner is a master of what he do.
He personalize his home which makes his home
different and shows that every home owner has they own idea to make they home great.



As you can tell the homeowner has been replacing they roof and garage doors.. As you have notices the homeowner are looking for a change and want to up date the neighborhood. I Know the past board
was very much against the idea of having a white roof or garage doors. but the people have spoken.
when people have a close mind they never want to see new ideas and only you can say no more and is my home and is time to say is good for me and my home.


 An addition to the front of the home makes
a nice welcome. Not only people can relax on the wood porch it makes a nice get together.
You can see that home owners are looking to make new ideas for their home and make it
more personalize to their taste.