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Cypress Wet Lands

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Home Improvement

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Your Home

we as an neighbor hood has the rights not to be harass or to be torment. all homeowner remember 2004 when a group of people
like your neighbors was on the board and ruin allot of homeowners by mental suffering and did it by intimidates To coerce or inhibit by or as if by threats. and we are sure they wasted our money on lawyers to see if the 2004 board can take our home away from us. I say NO. we as a neighborhood can stand up together and say no more. who the fuck are you to do this to us, but our power is all in one and all of us stand up to the board and tell them FUCK YOU AND GET OUT. remember the power is not the board but the homeowner all standing together against the board. because they work for the neighborhood not the other way around.

Pay Tax
Pay Dues
Property Rights
Maintaining Your


The front entrance is the way into our Neighborhood
 you will see neighbors living in their home in peace
working around their home to make it look great.
Lets never Loose our freedom.

You will see the bulletin board with information
When you are leaving the neighborhood.
 You may Ask the board if you like any type of
note you might like to see on the bulletin board.