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"how's this working Pete?????????????","Submit","30 Mar 2005","22:12:45"

"i like what you did, me","Submit","01 Apr 2005","20:29:23" "Great Site, Cannot open Newsletters","Submit","11 Apr 2005","19:35:00" "Recommend putting a link for good websites that homeowners can go to for correspondonce,florida statues,ETC.","Submit","11 Apr 2005","19:38:38" "Recommend putting a link for good websites that homeowners can go to for correspondonce,florida statues,ETC.","Submit","11 Apr 2005","19:38:39" [[[[ updated 4/12/05]]]]

"I am pleased to see that the board members truly do care about our neighborhood and our families. It really shows, and that is important. I recommend to pay a little more attention to use of grammar in the newsletters to make it easier to read. ","Submit","02 May 2005","15:40:50" [[[ updated5/2/05]]]  

"I like what the board is actually doing,their seems to be some order about it. Jay who I have met seems to have a clear grasp of the issues and boldy prints in the newsletters the issues that confront homeowners everday.","Submit","04 May 2005","16:23:12" "this is a great communication tool!!!!finally a homeowner association that is doing something! I hope the spirit of the community is finally being opened up","Submit","04 May 2005","22:49:54"  [[[ update 5/3/05]]]

"Great job with the changes in the neighborhood and the web site! Your hard work is appreciated!","Submit","17 May 2005","21:31:14" [[[update 5/21/05]]]

"I would like to 1st commend the new board. They are showing a great interest in this community, which is far more than the previous board did. Only being a resident here for 1 year, and a new resident to townhome living, I am seeing things around here change, much for the better. I would like to attend a meeting but can't seem to figure out when they are held. Also would like to know about the lighting situation, as the street light on Laurelwood (I think in front of unit 4034) has been out for months now, causing it to be dark, and a bit fearful. Would also love to know what the issues are with the condition of the homes that have renters in them. I work for a property management company so ""renters"" are not my problem, but the lack of owners taking responsibility for the condition of their townhomes are. There is a townhome by mine that's siding is in horrific condition, along with almost all of the white trim on the home rotting away. This makes it very hard for the work both parties on either side do to their units, as this is in the middle. I am simply asking for accountability by these owners. If they can afford investment property, they can afford to keep it up. Also, maybe I am missing it, but I did read in one of the newsletters about the garage door/ front door issue, but, for the life of me, can't seem to find out what exactly it was that was discussed. Help! Again, a big thanks to the new board, they seem to really care about Cypress Hammock!","Submit","23 May 2005","23:11:09" [[[update 5/24/05]]]

"To the Resident who posted #7, Thank you for the compliment for the board, we are hard at work to improve our community. The meetings you may attend and a couple of times they should have been posted in the newsletter however they were not we apologize June meeting is scheduled for 10am June 5th at Diane Honeycutts home, just let her know you would be attending to her accomadate her home. We have been working with the city of Jacksonville about the lighting to get more wattage for the lights but this is the first time we have heard of any outage we will get a service order on that particular light. Property Maintenance has been addressed in the last newsletter however infractions have been noted and letters sent out within the guidelines of the Covenants, there is a timeline for corrective action. You may contact me personally on the home next to yours for further clarification and investigation. Renters we do know who they are and we do hope they forward all letters of concern to the primary owner. The Garage/Front door ammendant passed, If you have April's issue of the newsletter under Diane Honeycutt section it states if you want to paint your Garage/Front door submit an application to the Architectural Board. I want to thank you for using this site to address your concerns, your input is greatly appreciated. Acting PREZ ","Submit","25 May 2005","09:16:15" [[[update5/26/05]]]

"I like your web site Peter. This is the first time I brought it up. It was a great work day Sat. and good food & fellowship Sat. night. Hello to Lisa. Ernie D.","Submit","06 Jun 2005","18:57:59" [[[update6/8/05]]]

"I want to thank personally Steven Hills for the volunteer effort and time he has given to supply water to our Islands Thank You Steven Jay","Submit","11 Jun 2005","18:35:59" [[[6/12/05]]]

"I just wanted to let you know about a typo on the bulletin board page. I think you meant to say "" their poop"" but used ""they boob"" instead. You may want to take a look at that. Here is the excerpt""...many complaints about neighbors dogs leaving they boob on they lawn.""","Submit","15 Jun 2005","06:33:08"[[[update7/8/05/]]]

" The color (light orange) that was painted on the front sign is hideous and whoever decided on this color should  never be allowed to choose. This has been known as a nice, classy neighborhood. That color looks like a minute market at the beach color. It makes me embarrassed to live here. Paint it back immediately please. A classy look would be nice, such as light cream with hunter green lettering and gold trim. I use to manage apartment complexes and if I had put that orange color on one of our signs, I would have been fired immediately. Please don't make our community look like a low classed trashy place to live. As far as replacing the sign is concerned, are you out of your mind? Our front sign cost a bundle and to replace it would be astronomically expensive. Our sign is beautiful (except for the paint). Whoever decided that our sign needs to be replaced is a Moran and hasn't got enough to do. If you check prices you will find that the signs that we could afford to replace the current sign with would look so cheap that it would only further deteriorate our community. I only wish that I didn't have to work so much so that I could be on the board. Since I can't, I hope you get the massage loud and clear. See if you can find some retired people with some type of business sense to be on the board and get that horrible color off our sign! ","Submit","25 Aug 2005","10:28:38"  {{{update 8/28/05}}}

" I like to respond to the person on  # 11 it is so typical that you will find something wrong with the color in the front sign. volunteers come forward to make our community great to live in and all you can do is make excuses and not get involve
except with your bad words. we all should be lucky that we don't have the 2004 board. their were very cruel and wasted our money. I wonder where were you then. and what will happen if you are on the board what kind of board member you will make. but I tell you something now. you try to disrupt my life and my home I will make sure you will get it back big time. I wont waste my time with you, here .
if you want to do something , Lets get rid of the home association board." "submit"
"3 Sept 2005", "17:25: 28"  {{{update 9/3/05}}}


"I believe that everyone is entitled to have pets however, I also believe that those owners with pets should take their animals to the potty in their own yards and not cross the street to do this in someone else's yard. Secondly, there is a City Ordinance that states that ALL dogs must be on a leash regardless of how nice the dog is or how little the dog is or how important you are in the community. Once an animal is outside of the door, the leash needs to be enforced.","Submit","06 Sep 2005","21:48:31" {{{update 9/7/05 }}}

 "Renters are not given the newsletters for the community so therefore, they do not feel like they are part of our community. Not only do they need to feel apart of our community, they also need to abide by the rules and care about the way the community looks. It seems that more renters are moving in than ever and we are seeing more things like garbage cans sitting out in plain view and grills sitting in driveways for weeks, sometimes months at a time. We owners are entitled to come home to a decent looking neighbor's yard too. Lawns need to be cut in a timely manner, respect the next person's space) no trespassing on others' yards-front and back, keep areas outside of garage doors clean and covenants of this community followed by the renters too. If owners cannot enforce some of this with their tenants, maybe fines should be put in place. Basic city ordinances are being broken in our community.","Submit","06 Sep 2005","22:15:33" {{{update (9/7/05 }}}

"Lighting is a problem in our neighborhood. Some additional lights would not hurt. Across from the back entrance has no lighting and it is impossible to see the mailbox at night, much less someone out around the area. It sure would be nice to see a light put in somewhere around this area. I appreciate the board for looking into this matter. ","Submit","06 Sep 2005","22:19:42" [[[update 9/7/05]]]


"In response to #11, it is unfortunate that you think the color of our sign will help make this a classy neighborhood. It is the quality of the people that live in it that make it a classy neighborhood. Resorting to name calling isn't very classy so maybe we all need to look at our own behavior to make sure we are living in a classy neighborhood rather than thinking that the color of the entrance sign makes a difference. Thank you to the board for doing something to improve our neighborhood. Please know that there are some of us out there that do appreciate what you are trying to do and support you in your efforts. Unfortunately, some people would just rather complain than contribute. ","Submit","08 Sep 2005","06:08:16" [[[ update 9/12/05]]]

 "To the Resident who Posted No#11. First I want to say we as a CHA Board of 2005 have worked very hard to bring this community and it's surroundings a much classier place to live. The volunteers who we have had on many of the community projects is just that Volunteers. The Front Sign Entrance was in need of some new paint, We as a board took it upon ourselves to paint it, Now if the color scheme does not fit your personal taste well then you should of attended one of our many board meetings to voice your opinion. I for one and my spouse took the iniative and the time to make this sign a welcoming entrance. Your taste like so many are different in nature and I value your opinion however though, we as a board have made a commitment to get as much information out as possible, with our newsletters, Community Bulletin Board and we strive on the issue of volunteers and attend our board meetings, with very little success in this effort we continue to keep this community informed and establish projects for the benefit of this community WITH ALL VOLUNTEER TIME. We as board take ideas and act accordingly with votes and proposals and much discussion. Your inputs are very much welcome if fact we implore our residents to attend. The board take each idea into very much consideration and we do our research with budgets and funding in mind. The Sign you that mention is beautiful well it is deterating at a rate that within the year it will disintergrate. The Moron who you are referring to is I, after careful review with the board members and proposals we have not yet as board have not determine the best course of action for this particular project. However we need to act fast if you want to see your sign from the street. ","Submit","08 Sep 2005","18:36:18"

 """To the resident of # 11, First I want to say We as a board of 2005 are trying very hard to make Cypress Hammock a Classy and Very Nice Neighborhood to live in. The Iniatives and hard work throughout the months we have accomplished brought some positive and negative reviews. Thus when all said we have gone out with our Monthly News Letters for Volunteers and Residents to attend and participate in our Monthly Meetings, our Neighborhood Projects to voice their concerns WE HAVE HAD VERY LITTLE COOPERATION. I respect your opinion about the color scheme on the Front Entrance, But I did not see or hear of alot of volunteers except for the 17 people that participated in this venture to clean up said Island and Paint. In fact the Moron that you are referring to is I, I along with the board voted on changing the color scheme and looking into replacing the sign. My spouse and I took upon ourselves to paint the sign. The Paint scheme that was on it has not been painted in the 15 years that I have been here. Furthermore it has been detoriated for years it is at the point of disintegrating at this very moment. We as a board think we have done a good job on our watch. We have researched proposals and funding for this project to date we have not decided the best course of action on this matter, You can rest assure though you may contact me Directly if you have any Ideas or Solutions to resolute this issue. I don't believe that the sign is a tasteless as you make it out to be. You are a minority, that has your own personal views for which your are entitled too. I implore you to attend one of our meetings so you may voice your opinion, so we can get feedback like this. It would only help us to make our decision process alot better with feedback like this. I respect you being anonymous, this is what this section of the site was intended for. I also work fulltime, But the actions of last years board compelled me to get involved, It sounds from reading your memo here that you need to voice your opinion and be heard and the best place for that is not here, BUT BE A PARTICIPANT. We as a board take ideas and act accordingly with votes and proposals and much discussion. We as a board have made a commitment to get as much information out as possible, with our newsletters, Community Bulletin Board and we strive to continue to keep this community informed and establish projects for the benefit of this community WITH ALL VOLUNTEER TIME. I for one think we as a board has improved the Community for the better. Please feel free to contact me directly and read your newsletter for upcoming events and worthy news articles that affect your property. I am quite sure this response did not satisfy you at all, I sincerely hope you re-evaluate your position and your posture in this community and get involved. ","Submit","09 Sep 2005","16:20:14" [[[ update 9/12/05]]]

"I was wondering if there is a way to have a copy of the most current covenants listed on the site. This would be good for people who may have lost or misplaced them, and it's easy to access. Just a thought.","Submit","20 Sep 2005","10:12:07" "I was wondering if there is a way to have a copy of the most current covenants listed on the site. This would be good for people who may have lost or misplaced them, and it's easy to access. Just a thought.","Submit","20 Sep 2005","10:19:02"[[[update 9/21/05]]]

"To the Resident who posted # 19, Good Idea although, We are in the Process of amending the covenants at this time to make one community covenant, At present their are two sets of covenants one for the Brown units and the other the Gray ones, similar in ways but different in language. We need every one to attend the OCT 8th Meeting to sign off on the new revised covenant." ,"Submit","24 Sep 2005","06:40:12" [[[updated 9/24/05]]]

"To the person who posted #11. It's not orange, it's peach. It looks nice. Just remember you can't please everyone all the time. Don't complain if you don't want to get your rear end out there and do it. Blah!"   "also to the person who wrote #11, you don't know how to spell MORON! (you spelled it MORAN !) So, I really wouldn't be calling people names that are too big for you to use. We are all glad you didn't paint the sign, or it may say CYPRISS HAMICK! YEE-HAW! :) If you are so ""embarrassed to live here"" just because of the color of the entrance sign, I know of a few other places you may want to check into.","Submit","04 Jan 2006","14:55:20" [[[updated 1/8/06]]]

"This post is to Mr. Abrams, the person who made this website. First of all, there are plenty of mistakes and misspellings on the entire content of this site. There are 2 spaces between the end of a sentence and the start of the next sentence. Now I see that you are actually bashing the board on the front page of the site. This should be a positive webpage that not only YOU could be proud of, but the rest of us could. It appears you are bitter that you didn't make it on the board this year. The board cannot please 100% of the people 100% of the time. The board should consist of people that can communicate with the residents of Cypress Hammock in a way that is professional. I don't mean to burst your bubble, but you do need some lessons in that area. That is why you are not on it this year. Maybe instead of bashing, you should proof-read this site and correct any errors. Making it a positive would be a plus also. Consider it and try not to be bitter. Thanks for listening.","Submit","26 Jan 2006","22:59:25"

"To the Resident who posted # 22, In respond to your note. I like to say that I am not bitter that I am not on the board, is a relieve I am not on it.  I do admit that the board did allot for the neighborhood. I was there helping on my own time, I must guess that you have work with me or seen me before. and  when I speak up I am speaking up for every home owner. but just like anybody that cares about this neighborhood is up to everybody to keep any board from going over the line and hurting any homeowner. we all should ask why the board is doing what they are doing. I been told by one of the board member that I will not be on this year. Is only that I am not a team player. and I question everything they want to do. OK. so when I wrote the column on the board member page is because I never receive a word from them. Is a fact. so the web site is for everyone who wants to browse thru it. and make a comment. did you, maybe like the 2004 board  did you ever question the board , I think not.  when they use allot of the money for lawyers and stupid projects. well if you don't like my communication skills is to bad. I will speak up to anyone who harass a neighbor because they don't have anything else to for the site I do have a few ideas and I will clean up my spelling and more. but you might like to help out or you are one to shoot your big mouth and sit back and do nothing. I'll be happy to show you more and  exchange ideas. Lett me know".     [[[feb 1,2006]]]   15:46:10

"wanted to let you board members know great job. i can still recall the moving the fence issue. what a mess. still is. if only we can get people to park in their driveways, not the street. they should have bought a larger place to live. ","Submit","16 Feb 2006","17:30:07"

"To the Resident who posted # 24, Parking is always been a problem but not impossible. we all want to park in our own driveway. now we have people that can't see the whole picture. the driveways for our home is to short and we need to park over the walkway. is still on our driveways but people are to lazy to walk around the vehicles. Allot of homes do not have walkways so what do we do. pick on the homeowners that have walkways. and to you we have the right to buy homes where ever we like." [[[feb 16 2006]]]


"I would like to take a moment to comment on response #12 - ""we all should be lucky that we don't have the 2004 board. their were very cruel and wasted our money."" I have copied and pasted this here so I can refer to it properly. I know some of the 2004 board members. Not all of them were (or are): ""very cruel"". In my opinion, and only my opinion, I think it is not fair to blame all the members of the 2004 CHA board for some things that were beyond their control. If you think about it, I'm sure we've all been in a situation where because we were associated with a person or school or group, we were assumed to be exactly alike. If we're going to assume that everyone on the 2004 CHA board was exactly alike, then everyone on the Florida State University football team is a criminal, or all Florida Gator fans are obnoxious, or all lawyers are crooks, or ........... The list could go on and on. Thank you for the opportunity to voice my opinion. ","Submit","16 Feb 2006","20:52:32" [[[update2/18/06]]]

"Curious - why would you want to hold an Easter egg hunt in the pet area? ","Submit","16 Feb 2006","20:57:42" [[[update 2/18/06]]]

"What is the president elect?","Submit","17 Feb 2006","19:15:52" [[[update 2/18/06]]]

" I am sure that the board members are violating the bylaws. only one person can fill one position on the board. what's next president elect my butt."  [[[update 2/20/06]]]

"I would like to know who some of the homeowners are using to replace their garage doors and if they were satisfied with their work. Thank you.","Submit","22 Feb 2006","17:14:38" [[[updated 2/25/06]]]

"To the resident who posted #28/29, The President elect is an Officer of the Board that we decided to put in place, His capacity along with the Vice President, May act in my presence if I am unable to hold my position. (REFERENCE) Article VI, Section I, of your Current Bylaws we may appoint other officers as in it's judgment. The sole purpose of this is to, In case there is a removal or any situation that he may be incapable of holding the Position of the President, the President Elect may continue on without a relapse of Communication. This has happened in the past and previous boards had double duty we wanted to ward that off. This is not a Violation and we are in compliance with the Bylaws. All we are trying to do is maintain some continuity on this board. We don't have enough volunteers as it is FOR ANYTHING. ","Submit","04 Mar 2006","07:57:24" [[[updated 3/5/06]]]

"I forgot to sign #31. President","Submit","04 Mar 2006","07:58:04" [[[updated 3/5/06]]]

"TO # 30, Try Open Sesame Garage Door Systems 230-6093. Cost me a Grand for Door and Opener","Submit","04 Mar 2006","08:00:42" [[[updated 3/5/06]]]

"We don't need a new sign. This sign was replaced in 1999. The original sign was completely destroyed, along with the column, a large Sago Palm and other bushes, due to an automobile crashing through our island. Thank goodness the young man who was involved was not injured. His auto insurance took care of the complete expensive repair. At that time the cost of the sign was very large. The crack was in the sign when it was installed. Two of the Board members questioned that fact, but upon closer inspection, the Board deemed it OK. As for painting the sign and column, that is a good idea. It needs sprucing up. However, I feel it would be more Democratic to survey all of the Cypress Hammock Homeowners, on the color choice, as we all should be given that opportunity to voice our opinion on such a big change. For myself, I always liked the gray and white sign, but thought the columns should have been either, white with gray trim, or gray with white trim, to match the gray and white sign. ""My opinion"". The comment on the website, suggesting the dark green with gold lettering would also be very nice. I have seen this combination in other areas, and it is very classy. Your retaliatory answer to the person who criticized your choice of color, ""I was out there working, but didn't see your butt out there"", was uncalled for. Maybe, that person had been out in previous years working and volunteering on numerous Boards and Committees and had not seen ""Your butt at any of these projects"". ""Be Fair"". ","Submit","07 Mar 2006","09:45:15" [[[updated 3/8/06]]]"

To the Person who Posted # 33. In response to your article: 1st you are absolutely correct in saying, the Sign was replaced upon further investigation you are 100% percent correct, I was unaware of this fact because at the time I was deployed overseas when this happened. Second if you don't agree with replacing our sign voice your position at one of our meetings, your opinions and concerns are very welcomed feedback like this is how we base our decision process on. The sign is deteriorating very rapidly, Look for yourself, CLOSE INSPECTION. As far as being Democratic about surveying the Homeowners on the Color Scheme, The sprucing up and painting of the sign was put out in the Newsletters, if there were any concerns then, it should of been addressed then. Furthermore for every decision the board makes,it would be not feasible for us to walk around and get a consensus for every action we take to measure the homeowners opinions, This is why we schedule board meetings well in advance to address your concerns and to hear things like this. You are more than welcomed to attend, Meeting Schedules are Posted on the Bulletin Board,Via the newsletters (MARCH 11, 2PM, Call one of the Board Members for Location. As far as my retaliatory answer goes, here is my take on it: In fact I was out there for the entire project, We got the Job done in one day, In fact I Organized it,Planned it, and ensured all the materials were there for th task at hand, The few volnteers we had did a tremendous job, I ASK FOR NO CREDIT and wish to receive none. Perhaps so that person may have worked and volunteered in the past, The more reason why it would of been imperative to voice his or her opinion at one of the board meetings. I was in no way disrespectful, I posted under Acting PREZ. One more thing, I will say this 2004 CHA Board, Compelled me to get active in the community, It was outrageous on what happened that year, it is behind us now and I look forward to moving ahead. I have been deployed with the Military on numerous occasions since my residency here and this has been the reason why perhaps you never seen me on earlier projects, But I would like to know when was the last project in this neighborhood before 2005. No disrespect intended but please I would like to know. ACTING PREZ","Submit","10 Mar 2006","15:42:58" [[[updated 3/11/06]]]

"Please note that the article in our latest newsletter regarding the mulch ""threat"" is a well-documented hoax. Please see for details. Also, I would be happy to assist with the building of a community website-- please feel free to forward my email address to whomever is currently designing the site. Thank you, Leslie Wiggins","Submit","16 Mar 2006","19:17:03" [[[updated 3/24/06]]]

"I would like the issue of ""keeping up your property"" addressed to the person that lives at 3955 Laurelwood. Her property has rotten wood around the chimmney and it looks really bad. Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter.","Submit","17 Mar 2006","07:41:45" [[[updated 3/24/06]]]

 "Pete, Your opinions under the Board Members and the Scroll section on the Cypress Wetlands is uncalled for, if you wanted to voice your opnion it should of went in the Respond section, if you disagree with us fine, But your opinions should not be displayed under these headings. The Names of the Board Members should be displayed. The Home page should show a united front of WELCOME, not your own OPINIONS. Understanding so you built this site for the residents, and your entitled to voice your opinion, but your comments are truely yours and does not speak for the entire community. Furthermore as a homeowner you have rights within your home, But when homeowners do not meet the obligations set forth in the Covenants and Bylaws of this community then we have a problem. Pete you helped adopt and revise the New Covenants and are very much aware of the obligations the homeowner must maintain within this community. We solicited residents for months to come to help rewrite the covenants and you have seen the outcome. Maintenance Upkeep is the biggest problem we have here and some other violations set forth in state law. When a infraction of the covenants and Bylaws infringes on a homewowners property value, that raises a red flag, all should be concerned. The Board which is voluntary driven takes it upon themselves evaluates each complaint/Infraction and matches it with the Covenants/ Bylaws and laws of the state. We enforce which is dictacted in these documents. We take no pleasure on infringing upon neighbors, what we try to do is keep their property value consistent or at a higher value within this district. You being a former President and Board member are well aware of the challenges of this community to keep it united. If we don't have continuity in this community havoc is instilled. I for one know your standing in the community about property rights. Property rights and regulations are set forth in the covenants. Some homeowners are not aware what their responsibilities are in this community. The Board has the power to enforce such actions when necessary and it is not intended to harass, Intimidate or infringe on anybodys rights, But when a infraction within the covenants,bylaws and laws of the state affect a homeowner this is where we act and accordingly i might say with all due respect. You mentioned no cooperation on our part to have you maintain this site, You being a former board member know full in well how to get the information you require. It is not a POWER thing you had different Ideas and thoughts, that did not reflect the goals and directions of this community, I think we all share opnions, You were heard on every aspect of your standings and fought diligently to be heard and we respected that, but you were out voted on matters that differs from the majority. That is a democratic practice. I sincerely hope you change those headings, We will not endorse this site in the future if unchanged. President ","Submit","19 Mar 2006","04:15:04" [[[updated 3/24/06]]]

To the Person who Posted # 37 I like to say if you read #23 it will explain why so far I never received cooperation to this day, you talk about keeping our home I wonder if you ever look behind our president elect (Walter ďButchĒ Bentley) home I should call the city of Jacksonville and complain that he`s been dumping cement piles into the pond. If I was his neighbor I would be very piss and the value of my home went down. So are you doing something about that? I say NO because he is in the club and you only think you know whatís best for the neighborhood. I tell you all homeowner knows that we need to keep up with our homes and we donít need you yes you who you are talking to me. I do say to you and the board is a power thing some how the board manages to raise the dues, how by conning the people that you wanted to have new Covenants. By right I was told when I was on the board that I needed to have 51%. I can go on but letts talk face to face you know me so gives me a call. But Iím sure I can say allot yes we are all not perfect but you seem to be. I wonder if you know respect, compassion, does the word privacy mean anything to you. You know if you donít like the site to bad. All I put in there is fact. And I am not going to call so I get the bull sh*t from them. And if the board will not endorse my site well to bad I made it for the neighborhood is open for everybody. I never ask James our President to put it in the news letter.   Again letts not forget 2004 board.[[[updated 3/24/06]]]

"Is funny how i read on this site that the person from the board attack peter. never in person or to call him to work out something, problems or about the site. they, i say they because the board always rub each other butts to make them feel good if one person is doing the attacking, is been going on for ever. peter prove on here that they never want to bother with him in person. so the person from the board do it here. that person is just an idiot. i do say at least peter will speak up for the homeowners."    [[[updated 3/23/06]]]

"I want to respond to Response #38 and #39 concerning what is happening out back of Butch Bentleys' house. I am his neighbor and working with him on this project of building a Bulk Head. Our land has been slowing eroding. Butch is the finest neigbor one could have. Always so helpful. He does so much for the association. He has a big heart and it certainly is in this community for its betterment. All of the owners of the houses where the rock is being put have given him permission. We beleve it will increase the value and beauty of our property when it is all done. I for one applaud Butch Bentley for his concern and hard work for our community. May his kind increase. Max Smith ","Submit","01 Apr 2006","12:25:28" [[[updated 4/6/06]]]


"Wow, there seems to be a lot of drama going on here. Wish there were more positive things to read about. On a more business note...I believe the light on Stillwood and Bayou Bluff is out. Also, I read the comment on lighting issues in the neighborhood. I have to agree that we could use better lighting around the mailboxes. Sometimes I get nervous walking to get my mail if it's dark out. Thank you. ","Submit","10 Apr 2006","11:57:30" [[[updated 4/11/06]]]

 "this web site is a very good seems by the different notes that are displayed that not many of the neighbors participate. it might be nice to date the note...i am not in the loop concerning 2004... i have been told that in the past the board was invisible. i moved here because it seemed quiet and a good investment. the current board members are very friendly. what i don't understand is the hostility to a group of people that are being proactive in helping the neighborhood. i don't understand the issue with sidewalks and driveways....the sidewalks are city, and are supposed to be clear. every community in duval county that has sidewalks are governed and maintained by duval county. i have not been up to the lake, but do drive by and see signs that say to pick up after your pet. this is not unique to this neighborhood, this too is a city issue. the sign....i get the feeling that the sign is going to be replaced... good...every few years, just like businesses, public buildings, well just about everything, a new look is something is good. i hear positive ideas being talked about when i talk to diane, or max. i have a concern about the traffic on laurelwood and the many vehicles that congest the area between the speed humps. i do not like to walk in the street when my daughter i and walk to the front pond to feed the would be nice to be able to have the ability to walk on the sidewalks that my taxes help to maintain. Is there something a homeowner can do to have the residents that do not comply be recognized. who can be called within the city structure, since the board does not have jurisdiction over the sidewalks. i can understand when a person has company that the driveways get cluttered with cars... i wish that there was a public area for visitors to park their cars... i have had relatives park in the office complex parking lot when they bring the camper, or boat[never overnight]. why would a neighbor want to cause another neighbor any problem on purpose???? this is a very small, compact neighborhood...judging from what i see in these or two of the ""neighbors"" want to work outside of the city ordinance and the community that part of the solution, not part of the considerate of the others... don't block the sidewalks, communicate with the ""elected"" group, that serve on the board. 4/11/2006 ","Submit","11 Apr 2006","09:32:08" [[[updated4/11/06]]]

"is there going to be a new web site???? i was going to try to contact a board member about roofing, but this web site does not have anything listed under 2006 board....who maintains this web site... a child, because the language is not very professional...a web site is a wonderful tool, this web site seems to be an instrument for a few disgruntled people to spread their anger... like a child that could not get their way, or maybe these few people should take anger management therapy....i would not want to be in a stress situation with this pete....can the bulletin board or sign get a telephone # on it????","Submit","11 Apr 2006","09:59:17"[[[updated4/11/06]]]

"who is mr dune???? the web site sez it was created by pete abrams.... is this mr dune's son? The photos are great...the cars on driveway look trashy... like a government project...what is going on with newsletter??? all this freedom talk sounds like a braveheart wanna be...does the board control the web site???? how about the newsletter and bulletin board, or are all of these avenues maintained by individuals that live in cypress hammock and are acting on their own with their own there a property management company that handles home improvement inquires??????","Submit","11 Apr 2006","10:14:26" [[[updated4/11/06]]]

"i was just wondering how the board goes about selecting the ""yard of the month"". i have lived here for 2 years and we have made so many improvements to our home and yard. not to toot my own horn, but our yard is looking nice -- and has been for about a year now. so is a couple of our neighbors' as well. i can't figure out why neither have us have earned ""yard of the month"" yet. especially, when i see some of the yards that DO win. Is there some sort of conspiracy going on? And if so, please enlighten me. ","Submit","31 Aug 2006","14:44:42" "I was recently looking in the Mandarin area for a new place to live and went through your neighborhood. I thought it was a nice place to consider so I thought of seeing if you had a website. To my surprise and disgust I read your first page and was offended by its profanity. Why in the world would your board allow such a website be displayed in such a fashion? I am sure other potential buyers would not consider living in your community after reading your website. You ask to refrain from using profanity as it will be edited out...I did not find this true. Shame on you!","Submit","14 Apr 2007","21:16:49" "If, per your last sentence ""please refrain from using profanity, it will be edited out"" statement is correct, then please explain why the grammatically incorrect, profanity laced rambling that is on the very first page of this website, that makes absolutely no sense at all, is still on this website! Truly, is anyone within this community or on the board actually monitoring this website or not! This foul laced, incoherant blabbering is the first thing I, a Cypress Hammock Homeowner saw when I logged onto this site and I was absolutely appalled that not only was it allowed to be on this website to begin with, but that nobody accessing this page has the common sense to remove it! What is wrong with you people? ","Submit","04 Aug 2007","14:37:45" "This website is vulgar and terrible. For the life of me, I cannot understand why the blantant hostility and profanity that is being displayed within this website is allowed to continue. The commentary on the Welcome page is disgusting, profane, and so illiterate you would think an 8 year old wrote it. If this Pete person no longer lives in this community then he needs to remove himself and his asinine, illiterate commentaries from this website and allow SOMEONE with some sense to overseer the website. What a wonderful tool this could be for our community. Somebody on the board needs to STEP UP and handle this. I am ashamed to read this site. Believe me, if I had any website knowled I would be more than happy to take this over. Unfortunately, I do not, so I am subjected to the trash that is on here now. If the board can't do anything about the content of this site, then they need to enact a new website and direct the members of this community to that site in the next newsletter. Come on people, can something be done about this or is this also going to be ignored? This is my second complaint about this site and I have heard nothing.","Submit","08 Sep 2007","22:57:21" "Please hire someone to edit your posts and newsletters. I am tired of not being able to comprehend the things that are being posted or sent to my home. You have a spell check for a reason. Thank you.","Submit","21 Oct 2007","12:17:51" "I am offended that the renters in this community are treated better than the homeowners. We pay our dues, we pay property taxes, we OWN OUR HOUSE! How dare you, as a board, put the renter's rants above the homeowner's. Give us some respect. You work for us.","Submit","23 Oct 2007","11:25:53" "When is the board going to get off their butts and pain the tiles on the sign out front? The new granite and letters look amazing but you need to live up to your end of the deal and get those columns painted. You say the residents parking in the street are ruining our neighborhood, how about maintaining the enterance of our property; the first thing anyone sees when coming in? Our board is full of hypocrites. ","Submit","23 Oct 2007","11:32:39" "I would like a number or email address to a board member. I have not seen my newsletter for this month, Feb 2008. Can someone please post contact information? thanks! I hope everyone had a wonderful week. ","Submit","15 Feb 2008","08:30:24" "Dates people . . . 3/27/2008 This is my first time to the website. Whoever created it should be ashamed of their poor spelling and grammar skills unless of course they are in third grade. Is profanity really necessary? It demonstrates a small vocabulary and a lack of mature understanding of appropriate ways to express yourself. However, that is also evidenced by the poor spelling and grammar. I don't know how old some of these messgaes are but . . . The sign up front is horrible. Replace the middle section with nice looking granite but not the cheap tiled end pieces? Hum? Get off the dog issue. I've lived here for 7 years and it's the same thing over and over again. Obviously people are not going to pick up afterf their dogs or put them on leashes no matter the law or the covenants say. Move onto to something else that might make a real difference. Streets filled with cars because they can't be parked in the driveway are low class. Park them in your driveway! ","Submit","27 Mar 2008","19:29:02" "iB8zEb bwxlclshunkn, [url=]wqykumotcpwu[/url], [link=]bznbigpqztum[/link],","Submit","24 Sep 2009","05:36:30" "YOUR A MORON, NOT DOUBT ABOUT IT.............. YOU ARE ","Submit","07 Aug 2010","22:54:17" "RHLFMT ekfhjzxbeztc, [url=]cqknnghasyfl[/url], [link=]ddugruzbrvmz[/link],","Submit","15 Jun 2011","17:12:25"